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homoerotic fan fiction between thor and loki, really jo?


homoerotic fan fiction between thor and loki, really jo?
05.22.14 3:22 a.m.

So in no specific order here are some reasons why I'm trying to get back to work asap...

General ennui: restlessness, physical, mental and psychological inertia. Parole is bad enough on my constant need to be doing stuff....

Weight gain: tho not too much, tried on my uniform and tho my pants are bootilicious, they still fit

I'm hardly sleeping: like maybe four hours a day and at totally fucked random times

Lack of money: my checks come whenever they feel like sending them, and on top of that i only get $125 a week from disability, sometimes I get a check for two weeks worth then go three weeks with nothing then get a check for one week then go two weeks with nothing and then get a check for three weeks... I'm a budget freak and it's impossible for me to live this way!

Smoking: before I quit working I'd smoke a pack a week, now I could smoke a pack a day if I'm not careful.

My new hobbies aren't very healthy or productive: tom hiddleston (really I know far too much about the guy, enough already sheesh), self taught piano for papa roach's song Last Resort, writing homoerotic fan fiction between Loki and Thor... I'm not fucking kidding you.

And it's not like I don't have real stuff i need to do... I still need to get the bedrooms done for the kids to stay here for the summer, and to pick up with my ongoing non-knee related health shit (nutrition and teeth). Also there are a couple projects I started but had to abandon due to lack of funds.

Not like I haven't done good stuff... read a few books on my list, poetry and Shakespeare mostly. And I brushed up on my German and started learning Czech. I've spent more time with Cassidy in the last six months than I have the last three yrs combined. And my nails look FABULOUS. You may scoff at the nail thing but my whole life my finger nails have looked like Nazi death camp victims and now they're all miss universe lookin.

Anyway, I'm going to finish hamlet so I can cross him off my list, and TRY to get to bed early... 6am being my "natural" bedtime as of late.

Always remember to quit while you're ahead.

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